All day drawing

Blogger sucks with arranging pictures.
I spent all day drawing yesterday, literally. I woke up at about eleven and started with the perspective drawings I had to do for class, then went on to my tablet for photostop work. Didn't stop drawing til about nine, ten at night.

The first is a speedpaint of a hunter from l4d.. very close up. It started from the picture next to it, in the middle, which was intended to be a sketch for a future piece I plan on doing for the game. When it'll be done, I dont know. The third picture was the first I did when photoshop was opened, and I think it was my best of the day.

Off to do more research for class now.


Started uni, busybusy

Wow, I suck at updating this, dont I?

Quick post to put up a bunch of very quick sketches. I'm also going to try and do a doodle/sketch a day for as long as i can. Sometimes it'll be done on the computer, sometimes on paper.

Also, some WIP shots of much, bigger, works. Proper, I guess XD I also suck at explaining things.
One is of one of my many characters, this one being Ella. The other is another stab at a realistic painting.
I'm done :]