Been drawing quite a bit for the past couple hours, mostly just some rough studies, but still. Short entry text wise, but what more can I say? /shot

My cat is sleeping on the chair by the window, so I thought why not draw him while he's not moving.

Couple studies from random poses on posemaniacs, some of them have crazy angles, seriously!

I started off today with some hands, which is probably why it's the best page done, aha.



Hey, really busy with university work right now, only a couple weeks left! Woohoo!
Therefore I only have one more scene of my animation to do, and that'll be done this weekend, and then it's just editing, sound and sketchbook work from there on.
Apart from that though I've been working on my EllaJayden picture a little more. The skin might almost be finished, just need to work on the clothes now really.

Uh, I would show you some animation too, but.. doubt it will upload, cause it sucks like that.
When it is finished though, it'll go up one way or another.
I've also been drawing out some random tattoo ideas, but I wont post them up. [:
Ciao! xx