From the last few days

I should really keep this up to date, hm.

Painted this a few days ago in Sai, really like how it came out although it could still use a bit of work to make it more believable.

The next three are some quick concept images for university. I made a couple thumbnails of ideas and took my favorite and drew it out in sai. Kind of like it, think I could do better though.


Tchoki animation

Tchoki animation for Pew 36 competition at university. If I had more time I think I'd make it better.



Playing around more in Sculptris. Found a reference in order to make a better skull, it helped a lot. This one looks so much more real than my first attempt, which was round and barely had cheek bones.

Also made a quick killer whale which I kinda want to take into max and rig, yeah.. fun times.

Got the free trial of Zbrush as well, awesome program but holy shit its complicated. Might take a while to get used to it.



Some quick character designs for university.



A head I've been playing around with in Sculptris.

Some sketches and a finished piece


What I'm working on

Two of my sisters cat, a realistic version and a styled one, and a self portrait.




So far so good on the drawing everyday thing, just yesterdays weren't as good.


Start of something new

Here's some sketches from today and yesterday. I'm trying to get into the routine of drawing everyday, so far so good.
The few things I have sketched though that I want to finish are in a sketchbook, so they need to be scanned in and as it so happens my printer/scanner is the one thing not set up right now. Bummer.

This was at first just for some practice, to see how well I could digitally paint an underwater scene, but I think I spent too long on it for it to be considered a speedpaint.


Computers back up

Finally got my computer here in Southampton so I can draw again, woot
To celebrate here's some sketches I did before it all got packed up.


Getting stuff done

So I spend almost five hours inking all the frames in my 20 second animation. Hooray for not procrastinating! So now I just have to colour them all in tomorrow and after effects my life and then I'm done with animation work 'til October!
These two are scenes from it, the dinosaur is licking his human friend who is on a separate thing and with the cat I decided to play with it on Photoshop, just hope I can make it look that nice on the real thing. I also hope the gifs play.


Speed paints

I've decided over summer, whilst learning to drive, I'm going to focus on doing lots of speed paintings and some quick animations. Mainly because I did these few speed paints within a day or two and fell in love with the process.
I'm also very close to finishing my animations for this term, just need to finishing inking my 20 second then colour it all and then all there is left to do is put everything in after effects with backgrounds and bam! Finished! Then I can focus on the 2000 word essay, drawing and 3D.

Speed paint of a Rhino, reference used.

Speed paint caricature of my cat Leo.


Some 3D work

These first two were from last year and early this year, so I'm sorry for the quality, max didn't seem to like me back then when it came to rendering. Part of the project was to do a happy, a sad and a neutral walk cycle, here are my happy and sad ones.

Sometime later, we were given a character rig from a website and just told to play with it. I decided to try my hand at a double bounce walk cycle.

Sculptris hates me now, this model has... sooo many triangles/polies and everytime it opens it crashes on me. And it's so close to finishing too D; She needs arrows, a knife on her leg, gloves and the clothing is meant to be chainmail and leather, oh and it needs to be coloured.

That's all for now. I'll try and get some 2D animation up when it looks nicer than it does right now!


Way too busy x.x

If animation first year is this busy i wonder what its gonna be like next year? Already chosen my option though. I'm doing lockdown, which its pretty much stress. Its meant for getting us ready for freelance work. We get three random projects throughout the semester and have from a week to a month to do them, depending on what the brief is. So its a possibility that we'll get a week to do a short animation x.x
Eh, if its gonna help in the future, might as well.

This is a rough character sheet for my 20 second animation.

These two are sketches from my moleskin that somehow turned out really nice. I must have been having a good day or something. [:


Uni work pile up

First deadline for university handed in on time, oh yeah!
Now to work harder on the second one, which we got a few days after the last one was handed in.. gotta love being an animation student.
So thats why there hasnt been any updates. Yeah..
Have some cats.