More Sketches, OTL

So, as you can see, another update. I also edited the banner up the top to make it neater. I'll work on the rest of the layout later. For now, some concepts and WIP's.

First off, the concept. I just came up with this on a whim really, I'll take it further when I'm done with everything else on my long list. Oh god, it's so long.

Next is a WIP, I've been working on it for a while, first on paper, then i decided to try it on photoshop, which i think was a good idea. I'm working on the pose as you can probably see, it's a little off at the moment. From what I can see the hands are too left of body, and I think she's wonky too. o.o; The moon however I'm liking, and the whole concept of it I love, stardust. Basically, she'll be blowing stars into the sky.

Thats all for now, I have more but not many are saved since, well, I'm lazy with WIP shots. Heh.
Lovelove xxx


Sketches 01

I suck at coming up with good names, ha.

Thought I should get the journal started so here you go. I dont know if this sketch will go anywhere, I want it to, since its a pose and concept I like, but eh, maybe i'll play with it a little more til it looks right. :]

lovelove xx


Welcome post

So this is a welcome post and a test one, to make sure it all looks right.

Fishing for stars (aka Pisces) is a new space for me to post all my art, rough or finished. My deviantart is just going to be a place for my best finished art as I dont want to spam people with pages of me practising figure drawings.
The name was inspired by my star sign and my current gaia avatar as she looks as if she could be fishing for stars. For that reason is it also the name of my art shop on the previous mentioned website. I hope to keep this name for future purposes too, mostly a website.
I started this blog because I want a place to store my art where I can look at the improvement, also I believe I need somewhere more professional to take RL commisions. That'll be set up at a later date, when my art is better.