Life studies 01

These are various sketches from life done in life drawing sessions, I'm pretty proud of most of them, especially the bottom two and the tree to the left. However for some reason blogger decided to be a bitch and rotate the two best ones at the bottom.. I apologise. The left one is of a planes engine and the right is of an old victorian building. Sadly I did not get to finish the latter as it was starting to get cold and the teachers moved us elsewhere.

Just a bit busy

Right, believe it or not I have been doing art and havent actually been slacking too much. Only a bit..
Anyway, heres a little dump of some stuff Ive been working on. I'll put life drawing and studies up on a different post, these ones are all either commissions, contest entries or random sketches.


Back on track!

First of all, Slenderman says hi [:

I only got up at 12 so I thought I wouldnt get much drawing in today, but boy was I wrong and I'm proud of that. I finished a commission off although I'm not proud of it and have told the guy I will draw him a freebie to make up for it. I also doodled this;

It took me maybe five minutes at the most, and god it actually looks good! I flipped it over and although the chins abit pointly, it still looks right. That makes me feel awesome! Woot! Thinking of making this one of the older soldiers for my future comic, also thinking it looks like one of my other characters, Jayden. So it could be both?
Anyway, next is a commission I'm working on, it still needs a lot of work but it's getting there. I liked the sketch and so far I'm liking how she looks coloured, which is a plus.

Clairey out! [:

Back to uni

Just a quick post, I'm moving back to university on sunday which means a new room, and hopefully the desk in this one will be big enough for my cintiq to be on constantly, which means lots more drawing.
For now though, a sketch for a realism commission I am working on. [:



Been drawing quite a bit for the past couple hours, mostly just some rough studies, but still. Short entry text wise, but what more can I say? /shot

My cat is sleeping on the chair by the window, so I thought why not draw him while he's not moving.

Couple studies from random poses on posemaniacs, some of them have crazy angles, seriously!

I started off today with some hands, which is probably why it's the best page done, aha.



Hey, really busy with university work right now, only a couple weeks left! Woohoo!
Therefore I only have one more scene of my animation to do, and that'll be done this weekend, and then it's just editing, sound and sketchbook work from there on.
Apart from that though I've been working on my EllaJayden picture a little more. The skin might almost be finished, just need to work on the clothes now really.

Uh, I would show you some animation too, but.. doubt it will upload, cause it sucks like that.
When it is finished though, it'll go up one way or another.
I've also been drawing out some random tattoo ideas, but I wont post them up. [:
Ciao! xx


Stardust and rabbits


Been spending all my time lately doing university work, so not much to show, however! Progress on my stardust picture that I decided to redo.

As you can see, it's not finished, hell no. She has no fingers or toes and her foreheads too big, for a start. Still, it's looking much better than the first attempt and I can't wait to finish it. [:
Also, as per usual, I've been doodling a bit on SAI. I went to camden the other day with some friends and just had to buy a lolita dress. It's so poofy and awesome and I love it, and that combined with drawing so many rabbits for my university project has led to this;

Isn't she pretty? o wo Aha..
Anyway! Last but by faaar not least! Hopefully this will work.. please click it to view it. I did a little test animation for a rabbit running. This is the rough linework, it's also done in a black sillohette and one with a background I made with cotton wool! Funtimes, ahoy!


Cute animals

I've been sketching on sai to relieve my bordom as I am ill, and everyone knows being ill equals ew. I should also be writing an essay, but drawing baby rhinos is much more fun.

I also redrew Ella and Jayden, originally started this a while ago but didn't really like it, so i've been adjusting it now and again, think i might have it sorted out now, or at least close to being sorted out, aha.



Wow I totally abandoned this place, crap. Didn't mean to.. honest..
I've been working on a comic for the past two weeks and university work is kind of taking up the rest of my time. Went on a class trip to Oxford the other day though, lots of photos of skeletons and things to draw from, so I'll start that when I can.
For now though, have some of the crap I've been working on since the last blog.
Been doing a lot of chibis on gaia, all animated, here are just a few of them;

Also been getting into comics as I stated earlier, heres one of the first doodles, aha;

Uh, what else.. I finished the skull girl I showed in a previous post, kinda pleased with it;

Sorry for neglecting you, otl