First still life

Had a bit of an off week due to stress and personal problems so I haven't drawn much, did a little in my sketchbook but nothing serious, so today I thought I'd get back into it with something different. I need to focus on faces but for now, an apple will do. I tried to focus on the lighting and a little on the background, not too much on detail, so it could still use some work, but I'm pleased with it.
Over and out


More grayscale painting

Taking a break from the dancer girl, instead worked on the same process but with a male reference.


Work in Progress

Progression of a Dancing girl, in this order. I didn't like the look of the face so decided to correct it. Still working on that..


Productive day

I finally got around to scanning in some of my pencil sketches today and as well as that everything on this post was finished today, plus there's more I'm not uploading. So overall a pretty productive day, pretty happy. The first girl is my gaian avatar, the second is one of my friends original characters,
 the third, forth and fifth are my own characters, and the last is a page of cat drawings I did last month.


Back into speedpainting

Some personal troubles came up so I haven't drawn in a while, but hopefully they are over now so I can get back into the swing of things. I'm going to do more speed paints like this in the future. I'll do at least one a week then up that until I can do one every day. I'll keep this blog updated throughout, unless I really don't like one. [: Over and out! 


Speed painting and sketching

So I finally think I'm getting into drawing everyday, or at least most days. I'm hoping I can improve enough so I can start drawing comics. As well as wanting to become a Character modeler and texture artist, I'd also love to have a comic in print, self published probably. I've just finished reading Blacksad, a beautiful comic made by an ex Disney artist. When I bought it I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did, the story was so thought out and it surprised me, I definitely recommend it.
Anyway, here's a speed paint I did today, still needs some work to get depth, but its getting there. Painting underwater scenes is quite hard. Although with all the sketches I've been doing recently I have missed digital painting. I saved a bunch of reference pictures this morning though so I'll have more to do in the coming weeks.

These next two are character sketches for the comic I'm planning, she hasn't really got a name yet, and is going through quite a few hair styles. Once I have that down then I'll worry about dressing her. The first one was a few days ago, the second was today.


I'm still alive

Really, just distracted with university deadlines.
I was looking through all my old art yesterday and it got me thinking, not just about how bad it all was, but about how much I loved drawing. Its not that I don't love it anymore, its just been pushed to the back of my mind to focus on getting a degree. But since I'm graduating next year and need to get into, gasp, the real world, I figure I should start making a serious portfolio. So I'm, hopefully, going to get back into drawing all the time over summer and have a lot to show for it.
But in the meantime, here's all my random sketches from the past couple weeks. The blue pencil two are the most recent, then pencil, then red and then pen. Almost all of them are character designs, I guess. Vaguely.