Cute animals

I've been sketching on sai to relieve my bordom as I am ill, and everyone knows being ill equals ew. I should also be writing an essay, but drawing baby rhinos is much more fun.

I also redrew Ella and Jayden, originally started this a while ago but didn't really like it, so i've been adjusting it now and again, think i might have it sorted out now, or at least close to being sorted out, aha.



Wow I totally abandoned this place, crap. Didn't mean to.. honest..
I've been working on a comic for the past two weeks and university work is kind of taking up the rest of my time. Went on a class trip to Oxford the other day though, lots of photos of skeletons and things to draw from, so I'll start that when I can.
For now though, have some of the crap I've been working on since the last blog.
Been doing a lot of chibis on gaia, all animated, here are just a few of them;

Also been getting into comics as I stated earlier, heres one of the first doodles, aha;

Uh, what else.. I finished the skull girl I showed in a previous post, kinda pleased with it;

Sorry for neglecting you, otl