Stardust and rabbits


Been spending all my time lately doing university work, so not much to show, however! Progress on my stardust picture that I decided to redo.

As you can see, it's not finished, hell no. She has no fingers or toes and her foreheads too big, for a start. Still, it's looking much better than the first attempt and I can't wait to finish it. [:
Also, as per usual, I've been doodling a bit on SAI. I went to camden the other day with some friends and just had to buy a lolita dress. It's so poofy and awesome and I love it, and that combined with drawing so many rabbits for my university project has led to this;

Isn't she pretty? o wo Aha..
Anyway! Last but by faaar not least! Hopefully this will work.. please click it to view it. I did a little test animation for a rabbit running. This is the rough linework, it's also done in a black sillohette and one with a background I made with cotton wool! Funtimes, ahoy!

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