Speed painting and sketching

So I finally think I'm getting into drawing everyday, or at least most days. I'm hoping I can improve enough so I can start drawing comics. As well as wanting to become a Character modeler and texture artist, I'd also love to have a comic in print, self published probably. I've just finished reading Blacksad, a beautiful comic made by an ex Disney artist. When I bought it I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did, the story was so thought out and it surprised me, I definitely recommend it.
Anyway, here's a speed paint I did today, still needs some work to get depth, but its getting there. Painting underwater scenes is quite hard. Although with all the sketches I've been doing recently I have missed digital painting. I saved a bunch of reference pictures this morning though so I'll have more to do in the coming weeks.

These next two are character sketches for the comic I'm planning, she hasn't really got a name yet, and is going through quite a few hair styles. Once I have that down then I'll worry about dressing her. The first one was a few days ago, the second was today.

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